The American Runner

“My Transcontinental Run Across America would not have been possible without the love and sacrifice of my crew Manifest Filmworks. Through pain and suffering we found pure bliss.”

The American Runner's Journey Across America

This case study details how Manifest Filmworks helped develop and maximize The American Runner‘s reach with professional video services, content creation, branding, and more. 

Watch The American Runner Documentary Trailer:​

     We are thrilled to unveil the trailer for our upcoming documentary The American RunnerJoin us on an epic adventure as Jordan Moon attempts to run from San Francisco to New York City in record time while raising money for brain disease research and mental health awareness. Witness the struggles, unexpected challenges, and unwavering human spirit as he and the crew push themselves to the limit. The inspiring stories that unfold, prove that every step, every setback, and every “W” is part of life’s remarkable journey.

Team American Runner

Jordan Moon, aka The American Runner, reached out to us about his dream to run from San Francisco to New York City. The American Runner’s 71-day transcontinental run across the United States was not only a physical and mental challenge, but it was also a fundraising and awareness-raising campaign for brain disease research and mental health awareness. To make the journey a success, The American Runner turned to Manifest Filmworks for video production and branding expertise.

Brand Development

One of the first steps taken by Manifest Filmworks was to help brand The American Runner. This included creating his logo and designs for merchandise, building his website, and developing a consistent visual identity that reflected his message and mission. By creating a cohesive brand, Manifest Filmworks helped The American Runner build a strong online presence and establish credibility with potential sponsors and donors.

Watch the video we produced to launch The American Runner project:

Sponsorships Secured

With the branding in place, Manifest Filmworks focused on getting The American Runner the support he needed to complete his transcontinental run by launching a crowdfunding campaign. The campaign was launched by producing a promotional video filmed in Utah in April of 2021 that showcased The American Runner's journey and message, encouraging people to donate to the cause. The video was shared on The Weather Channel with Jim Cantore while interviewing Jordan. Social media was leveraged to reach a wider audience and generate more donations.

Media Support

Manifest Filmworks also helped The American Runner secure media coverage for his journey, with appearances on major news outlets such as print, radio, television, and online media. By sharing The American Runner’s story through video, in print, and online, Manifest Filmworks was able to capture the attention of a broader audience, spreading awareness about the cause and The American Runner’s mission.

Staying Focused

Ultimately, The American Runner’s transcontinental run was a success. The campaign helped raise funds and awareness for brain disease research and mental health awareness. By partnering with Manifest Filmworks, The American Runner was able to focus on running and training while leaving the branding, marketing, and fundraising efforts to the professionals. This allowed him to not only accomplish his goal of running from San Francisco to New York City, but also make a significant impact on a cause that we are passionate about..

Team American Runner

Jordan Moon

The American Runner

Cory Clarke

Crew Manager & Media

Cody Marsden

Media Manager & Crew Member

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